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What we stand for

The London Community Hebrew Day School (LCHDS) has been providing excellence in Secular and Jewish education to London’s Jewish community since 1966. LCHDS staff are committed to delivering curriculum in the most effective ways possible to foster students’ imagination and creativity. Our professional and experienced staff members work to create a supportive, productive and enjoyable class environment where students develop their academic and social skills.


We Provide an Environment where Students Grow & Excel

LCHDS follows the Ontario Curriculum for all secular studies. Our students consistently achieve well above grade level in all areas of the curriculum based on the Ontario Standardized Testing (CAT4), which is administered annually from Grades 3 to 6. We foster a life-long love of learning by encouraging students to explore, create, collaborate and share, guided by our exceptional teaching staff.

Our Vision

Teaching the Leaders of Tomorrow

Our trilingual curriculum (English, French and Hebrew) and high academic standards ensure that LCHDS graduates are able to effectively transition into High School and become productive members in society and future community leaders.

Our students benefit from a comprehensive French program beginning in Grade One, and enjoy weekly Music classes that are part of the Judaic Studies curriculum. 

Our Judaic Studies curriculum places special emphasis on Jewish literacy, values and history. Our students develop a fluency in Hebrew and an awareness and understanding of the diverse range of contemporary cultural and religious practices. Our rich history fosters a love for our traditions, heritage, culture and connection to Israel.

Whether you are a fully observant or an interfaith family, your child will be welcomed and accepted by everyone at LCHDS.  This is what we are all about! As a community school, we embrace and reflect the full range of Jewish views, traditions and practices. Our students and teachers appreciate and respect this diversity.


class environment

Class sizes range from 5 to 12 students, allowing our teachers to create an enriched learning environment that challenges students to achieve their very best. Teachers become familiar with individual learning styles and work with individual students to deliver the curriculum in the most effective way possible for the best outcome.



What alumni and parents are saying

“I am extremely grateful for my formative education at the London Community Hebrew Day School. I met my best friends, gained pride and strength in my Jewish identity, and was part of a warm, generous and loving community. I credit LCHDS for laying the foundation for a meaningful and rewarding spiritual home and work life.”

David L. , Medical Doctor

“All four of our children attended LCHDS from Kindergarten to Grade 8. The smaller classes gave them the opportunity to question more often while the smaller school environment also afforded them interactions with children both older and younger…I appreciate that as parents we must make the best choices for our children. LCHDS can be the small and supportive environment not found in a large public school. Academics are always important and LCHDS offers this in a Jewish environment.” 

Beverley Zaifman

“LCHDS shaped my Jewish identity, instilling in me a deep understanding of Jewish history and a profound connection to our people. The education I received remains a core part of who I am to this day. As I move through my graduate education and career, often as the only Jew in the room, this rock-solid background continues to provide me with both comfort and strength.”  

Emily P., MBA Candidate

“The quality of education our children received at LCHDS allowed for learning support, developing multiple language skills, and creativity. Their individual interests and strengths were identified and they were able to shine within small classes while allowing early leadership skills to be fostered. I can highly recommend LCHDS to parents seeking a positive family and community environment where you can trust your children will be supported, learn social skills, develop academic skills, and where their own strengths will be built upon.”   

Sari Shatil

“LCHDS provided the foundation of my Jewish identity, which has had a tremendous impact on my life. Learning about my heritage enabled me to be confident in whom I am and further my pride in my Judaism. The small classes at LCHDS allowed me to reach my highest potential and impacted my future choices and endeavours.” 

Annabelle P., Engineer

“As newcomers to London, LCHDS became our family. Instilling a strong Jewish identity and love for Israel are at the core of our family values and we could not have achieved this without the Day School. I am proud of the strong Jewish connection all four of my children have and how it guides them to this day.” 

Shayna Zelcer 

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Location: 536 Huron St., London ON N5Y 4J5

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