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At LCHDS our typical school day runs from 8:40 am to 3:45pm, with our days equally divided between the Secular and Hebrew/Jewish Studies curriculum.



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Our Secular Studies program is guided by the Ontario Ministry of Education, that not only fulfills but exceeds all the required expectations. Our small class sizes enables our teachers to deliver the curriculum in a much shorter period of time, allowing for a more enriched curriculum with increased student/teacher and student/student interaction. Our staff incorporate various teaching and learning styles to address each of their students’ needs, where they are able to achieve to their highest potential. They also focus on the most up to date learning styles, such as Project Based Learning, developing critical thinking skills, while encouraging their imagination and creativity, which together contributes to an exciting, interactive, fun and happy learning environment. Additional courses include, Physical Education, French and Music classes, which are part of the weekly schedule. 

With our small class sizes our teachers are able to spend more one-on-one time with our students as needed. This small student to teacher ratio allows for an enriched environment and a cohesive class culture where students are able to provide support for one another on both a social and academic level. Our teachers are dedicated to providing whatever additional support our students require, as well as, additional assignments and class work for those who are in a position to handle a more challenging and enriched program.

To ensure the highest quality of education provided by our staff, every year from Grades 3 to 6 our students are required to complete a standardized test, which has consistently demonstrated the academic achievement of our students. On average, our students perform in the 85th percentile and above, with many of our students performing in the 90th percentile in all areas of the curriculum. This is an outstanding accomplishment for our students and is a direct reflection of the education provided by our staff.


Our Jewish Studies Program focuses on conversational and written fluency in Hebrew, Jewish history, holidays, and an awareness of the diverse range of cultural and religious practices that reflect the vitality of contemporary Judaism. A deep connection with our Jewish homeland is established through lessons in Jewish history and discussions about contemporary Israel, as well as through Israeli music, song and dance. LCHDS’s Judaic staff members provide students with the foundation that will enrich their own and future families’ lives, while establishing a love for our culture and heritage. Our goal is to create leaders within the Jewish and broader community in which our students live.

Everyone at LCHDS is committed to your child’s academic success. We believe that an investment in your child’s education is an investment in his or her future and the future of our community.

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Location: 536 Huron St., London, ON N5Y 4J5

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School Hours: M-F: 8:40am – 3:45pm