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LCHDS staff and students along with their families, work together to make our school the community, family style atmosphere that we cherish.

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Debbie Levy

Debbie Levy

B.A in Early Childhood (Concordia University); Ontario Junior Basic/Quebec licence ) - Grade 1 & 2

Morah Debbie has been an integral part of the LCHDS staff since 2002. She has over 20 years of experience working at our school and has contributed immensely to our family style atmosphere. She has been known to provide additional support outside of class time for any student who she feels would benefit from it.Her kind and gentle demeanour is loved by all her students and parents. Her endless commitment and contributions to LCHDS is an example to all!

Daniel Bell

Daniel Bell

Music Kindergarten to Grade 6

Mr. Bell brings 30 years of experience teaching Music for the public school board (TVDSB). His focus is on music theory and supporting our Judaic curriculum with Hebrew and contemporary Israeli music. Music is such an integral part of our Judaic Studies program and contributes to the atmosphere and spirit (ruach) of our school. During holiday time when we can hear our children singing in celebration, the music connects us to our Jewish roots and traditions. Our Music Club brings students together to explore contemporary music and create our own songs that reflect the values and friendship that makes our school so unique. Of course, there’s nothing like Yom Ha’atzmaut, where we dress in Blue and White, sing and dance to Israeli music and celebrate Israel’s birthday

Nava Pundaky

Nava Pundaky

Tel Aviv, Israel; Fanshawe College - Grades 3 & 4

Morah Nava started teaching at LCHDS in 1994.  Her passion for educating each of her students is embraced by all who pass through her classroom door.  She is an exceptional Hebrew teacher and is highly skilled in creating school events that reflect her teachings and student knowledge. Nava transcends a love of learning through her teaching style, which embraces every aspect of the Judaic curriculum including a love for the Land of Israel and the Hebrew language. Her classroom atmosphere is filled with energy and enthusiasm that is tangible to anyone entering her class!

Nechamie Silberberg

Nechamie Silberberg

Bet Rivka, Israel - Grades 5 & 6

Nechamie has been teaching at the Day School for over 20 years and has contributed immensely to our Judaic Studies curriculum. Her teaching skills are exemplary as is her knowledge and passion for Torah and religion, Jewish culture and history. Through her exceptional teaching methods and style, Nechamie can magically connect with her students and instill a pride for their Jewish heritage.
Nechamie is a role model to her students and provides them with the skills and confidence to demonstrate their leadership. Her calm and gracious demeanour is an example to all and encourages others to regularly seek her guidance.

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